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chitty chitty bang bang

gee been awhile since my last update.

soooo i decided in memory of the 9/11 attack six years ago, i should update! lol
shh! *one minute of silence to be observed please*

it seems like the world has become a very dangerous place to live in, maybe we should move to mars soon. thousands of people die from either natural disasters, epidemics, terrorist threats everyday. and in singapore it isn't any safer. recently, i have noticed many 'MISSING' people posters pasted around train stations, street lights, notice boards. mostly NOT classified as a runaway case. i mean you don't really see all these last time, do you? it's kinda freaky actually, knowing it's actually happening in singapore.

okay moving on to happy moments, i love my new toy - *drum roll please* introducing the much awaited PSP! it's damn cool lah. aahahah.
now to update my list of things i can't leave home without:
1. wallet
2. ipod
3. psp
4. mobile
5. keys
6. camera (at times)

anyhoo, enough gadgets for me now. i am going to enrol for driving lessons, like finally!
*a round of applause please*
and also black eyed peas concert on 22 Oct 07 since i missed their gig the last time round.
linkin park is coming too - 13 Nov 07, but see how lah.
didn't manage to go for the gwen, funeral for a friend and singfest gig :( oh well but the cure was pretty awesome.

ok peace out.
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