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i really like vietnam alot. though we were like two strangers who don't speak their language and culture, i feel very much attached to the country. people there often wonder where we're from as we look like tourists with our haversacks but look asian and yet not local. haha confusing i know.

i also realised how pampered asian travellers are; posh hotels, luggage bags, tour groups yada yada.. you'll prolly only notice caucasians venturing around alone with a map and a huge haversack. really envy their guts and i don't think we asians, being timid and conservative are ready for such thrills. imagine travelling alone to another side of the world where you stand out from the native people, with a language barrier etc.

somehow i enjoy going to the not so developed countries. being there makes me realise how lucky i actually am even though i don't realise it. it also makes me wanna find out more about its history and what the country had been through.

we had many interesting experiences during this trip. well you only live once, don't you?
oh did i mention we saw a shooting star on the sandy beach at mui ne. the stars in the sky were amazing, something i've never seen before and will never see in the city.

my wanderlust will never be satisfied. heelppp me. but don't worry i'm saving up as well despite my trips. i'm sucha cheapo-nehneh-budget-backpacker wannabe ok.
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