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around the world in eighty days

places i HOPE/WISH/DREAM to visit this lifetime:

1. turkey
2. greece
3. italy
4. poland
5. czech republic
6. portugal
7. spain
8. france
9. tahiti/bora bora
10. bali/phuket/koh phi phi/koh samui/koh phangan
11. hawaii
12. mongolia/russia
13. brazil
14. peru
15. kashmir
16. argentina (patagonia)
17. bermuda
18. israel
19. egypt/morocco
20. chile

hoho ok what not alot right. considering there are like almost 200 countries in the world. this is like only 10% of it. besides i really have to see how magnificent the old (and new) seven wonders are mah.
so come on, save up and join me.
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